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"With Look Up Anya Turner and Robert Grusecki have turned in one of the season's brightest scores...utterly delightful. We've all heard shows deperately try to to find ways to tell us to turn off our cellphones, but these two have written a witty song about it. The song 'A Golden Age' has nothing to do with The Golden Age of Broadway, but the song itself is worthy of it. There's a Christmas song set in a very different locale, and a trendy song about a virtual friend. They're all accomplished. They also may be the first to rhyme 'skyline' and 'Hight Line", that popular stretch of downtown elevated railway. They've even written a primer on how to write a song, and believe me, Turner & Grusecki know how."  -Peter Filichia for Kritzerland.com


"Thoughtful, smart, artful, heartfelt and sometimes funny, the songs co-written and performed by Anya Turner and Robert Grusecki make Labor of Love lovely and anything but labored. There's a serenity here, a professionalism tht maintains a maturity and naturalness. The pair's mutual affection and desire to communicate feelings and observations which we all share make us, as listeners, feel that we know them. In their warmest, most accesible, and most secure outing, they deliver the goods memorably and effectively." -Talkin' Broadway


Greetings From Yorkville is the autobiographical story of a team of struggling songwriters trying to get a foothold on the big time, performed by the people who wrote and lived it. Ms. Turner and Mr. Grusecki are genuinely likable. Ms. Turner, is a lovely singer with a clear, low voice tinged with a whiskeyish burr. Mr. Grusecki is a musician whose fine ear allows him to leap deftly from style to style. The songs are quite good and the story rings true because it is their own. - The New York Times

“Anya Turner and Robert Grusecki premiered their new musical Greetings From Yorkville at the Byrdcliffe Theatre. The songwriting team’s lyrics and dialogue are as good as their delightful melodies and rhythms. The show left us with the inspiring image of two talented creative artists joining forces to make their way in show business and appreciating their lives, even when the going gets rough.” - Woodstock Times

Greetings From Yorkville celebrates the lives of a couple of singing songwriters, who get together in a five-flight walk-up to make beautiful music together, surely for joy, hopefully for profit. With smooth chanteuse moves and a warm voice, Turner soars beyond whimsical tales of life in the big bad city, when she sings of her mid-western roots. ‘Clara Drum,’ saga of her full-blooded Sioux great-grandmother, is as all-American wonderful as anything Woody Guthrie wrote, and her ‘Iowa Summer’ also haunts us back to her source.” - Kingston Daily Freeman

“Anya Turner and Robert Grusecki in an evening of crisp, crackling precision…shimmering …expressive…powerful…the act came together brilliantly … Their new songs added a contemporary touch to a continuing tradition.” - The New York Times

“The first time I knowingly heard a song written by Anya Turner and Robert Grusecki was when Karen Akers sang their song Ordinary People at Rainbow & Stars. I remember thinking to myself how special the piece was — intelligent, mature, and interesting and so fresh and creative that I couldn't compare it to the work of any other songwriters. A while later I received the pair’s first CD, which bears the same title and features Anya and Robert performing their own material—she sings, he plays piano—and I continued to be impressed. Well, I have finally gotten a chance to see them in person. To celebrate the release of their second CD, You Loved Me, they are appearing at Eighty Eight’s in a show directed by Thommie Walsh. Life Is Good is a good example of their artistry; the song takes a cosmic view of life, yet it does so with utmost simplicity. Iowa Summer is a lovely memory song that derives its poetry from very specific references and imagery, and You Loved Me very affectingly recalls an old love. (I just played that track from the new CD three times, and I realize that it's a lot more than merely affecting; it is haunting.)…Every song is enhanced by the expressiveness of Turner’s voice and by the strength of her performance/acting skills. - Roy Sander, Backstage

“Anya Turner and Robert Grusecki are a cabaret team of indisputable talent, and spin an evening of splendidly cliché-free material. With Robert providing a sturdy, musically astute accompaniment on piano, Anya is in constantly fine voice. With tones both buttery and bold, she grabs and holds one’s attention without gimmickry or overpowering vocal force. They combine especially well on the beautifully poignant, yet never cloying My Generation, a joint composition of theirs (not to be confused with the Who’s song of the same title). Anya is also particularly good at building a softly crooned a cappella opening into a full-throated, passionate phrase in seamless fashion. It’s truly a dramatic moment. If you can’t catch them in performance at Danny’s Skylight Room, grab their CD, You Loved Me, which nicely captures their winning, no-nonsense style.” - John Michael Koroly, WRTN/WVOX Radio

“I like it when a performer can offer intelligent material we’re not hearing anywhere else. On Thursday night I heard a new song by Robert Grusecki and Anya Turner, Ordinary People. In it, we meet a woman who’s bedded a man she barely knows and must now report to a mindless job, warmed by those memories. This is worthwhile new material.” Chip Deffaa, New York Post

“Fall’s cabaret kickoff warms up with Robert Grusecki and Anya Turner’s Ordinary People, a contemporary love song, that impishly rhymes ‘E-mail’ with ‘female’.” - Wayman Wong, New York Daily News

“Anya Turner is an attractive woman whose career and act is in the great tradition of such ‘saloon’ (or supper-club, if you will) singers as Lena Horne, Mabel Mercer, the young Bette Midler, or Morgana King. Her repertoire ranges far and wide though some of America’s greatest songs. An important part of Turner’s performances is the excellent accompaniment on piano by her partner, Robert Grusecki. There is no electronic-gizmo ‘drummer’ to be heard; no flash-pots or fog machines, weird attire or leaping around the stage when Anya Turner entertains, there is simply a lovely, long-tressed lady singing timeless tunes, aided by the very able accompaniment of a most accomplished pianist. It’s a refreshing change - and eminently enjoyable. It’s a class act.” - Pete Mandell, Jacksonville, FL, The Beaches Leader

“Worth checking out are Anya Turner and Robert Grusecki’s CD’s Ordinary People and You Loved Me. The pair write and perform their own songs, which are spare and intelligent, she as singer (with a clear, pure voice), he at the piano. Among those I’ve enjoyed are Secret Song (‘gives this crazy life a sense of mission …’), Life Is Good (‘hope is good, how I hope it’s here to stay …’), and Musicality (‘who needs reality all the time …’), but several others are equally worthwhile.” - Max O. Preeo, Show Music

“A great album…Give a listen to Iowa Summer and Manhattan Canyons.” - Bob Sherman, WQXR

“Donna Murphy calls it ‘beautiful music.’ Steve Ross says it’s expertly and feelingly sung, arranged, and recorded. What these theatre luminaries are talking about is Anya & Robert: Ordinary People, the debut CD of songwriter/singers Anya Turner and Robert Grusecki. The team has performed its songs at Judy’s Cabaret and in the ASCAP/MAC Songwriter Series, and they’re backed up here by bass player John Arbo (Miss Saigon) and drummer/percussionist Ray Marchica (How To Succeed…, Rosie O’Donnell Show). Says Karen Akers, who performs two of their songs in her act, ‘I think you’ll be hearing a lot about these two songwriters in the future.’ -  Theater Week

"Cell Phone brings down the house with its clever lyrics." - The Stage UK

"Anya Turner and Robert Grusecki are certainly two of my favorite songwriters as well as musical performers. Their writing is modern and sophisticated but can touch you in the most fundamental and human way, like our favorite popular songs that linger in our lives." - Donna McKechnie

"Original, hearfelt,clever, touching and very funny." - Karen Akers


"Remarkable. Grand." - Helen Gallagher


“Terrific, smart and good and pretty all at once. Full of talent and wonderful images and ideas.” - George Furth

“Beautiful, unusual music. Haunting and revelatory. Truly distinctive.” - Donna Murphy

“Wondrous. It's inspiring to hear NEW well-crafted and sensitive material.” - Maureen McGovern

“Beautiful. What a revelation: the writing, the soul, the voice. It is a true delight.” - Amanda McBroom

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